From cell screening to high resolution imaging, we have different systems that can provide a solution to your questions.

We also provide the analysis software you will need. If you new and need training or just a refresher, we are happy to help.

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InCell Analyzer 2200

Super-fast (two-color 96-well plate assay in less than 2.5 min), sensitive, and flexible wide-field cell imaging system for a broad range of high-content assays. The 2200 is the only HCA system on the market that offers deconvolution image restoration resulting in more accurate image segmentation and quantification.

Perform anything from investigative microscopy to automated high-content screening.

Image organelles, cells, tissues, and whole organisms.

Building on the extremely successful IN Cell Analyzer 2000 system, IN Cell Analyzer 2200 is designed to bring efficiency and flexibility to your imaging, making both simple and complex high-throughput, high-content assays an everyday reality.

Examples : protein foci count, protein staining intensity, live/death ratio, …

2 x InCell 6500HS

Super-fast plate-scanning confocal microscope. To continue the best service possible, we have 2 InCell 6500HS available.

A flexible, laser-based imaging system for your most challenging samples, ranging from wash-free assays to 3D spheroids.IRIS line-scanning confocal technology maximizes image contrast and resolution to provide more accurate image segmentation and quantification.

EDGE confocal: Increased contrast in thick samples allows for better visualization and segmentation of biological structures.

Smart scanning: Spend less time imaging and reduce data load by only imaging objects of interest (spheroids).

Biological relevance: Optimized hardware and features for 3D and live cell imaging.

Speed and sensitivity: Higher throughput and faster frame rates for single and multichannel imaging.