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InCell Analyzer 2200

Super-fast (two-color 96-well plate assay in less than 2.5 min), sensitive, and flexible wide-field cell imaging system for a broad range of high-content assays. The 2200 is the only HCA system on the market that offers deconvolution image restoration resulting in more accurate image segmentation and quantification.

Perform anything from investigative microscopy to automated high-content screening.

Image organelles, cells, tissues, and whole organisms.

Building on the extremely successful IN Cell Analyzer 2000 system, IN Cell Analyzer 2200 is designed to bring efficiency and flexibility to your imaging, making both simple and complex high-throughput, high-content assays an everyday reality.

Examples : protein foci count, protein staining intensity, live/death ratio, …

2 x InCell 6500

Super-fast plate-scanning confocal microscope. To continue the best service possible, we have 2 InCell 6500HS available.

A flexible, laser-based imaging system for your most challenging samples, ranging from wash-free assays to 3D spheroids.IRIS line-scanning confocal technology maximizes image contrast and resolution to provide more accurate image segmentation and quantification.

EDGE confocal: Increased contrast in thick samples allows for better visualization and segmentation of biological structures.

Smart scanning: Spend less time imaging and reduce data load by only imaging objects of interest (spheroids).

Biological relevance: Optimized hardware and features for 3D and live cell imaging.

Speed and sensitivity: Higher throughput and faster frame rates for single and multichannel imaging.

Cytell Cell Imaging System

The intuitive Cytell Cell Imaging System captures cellular and sub-cellular images in a benchtop unit equipped with on-board data analysis and visualization tools. It streamlines and simplifies routine assays, such as cell cycle and cell viability assays, to save you time and help your research progress more rapidly.

Efficiency: BioApps and ready-to-use optimized kits allow mix-and-read operation, providing image acquisition, data analysis, and report generation of microplates in only 15 minutes.

Simplicity: Intuitive user interface design allows novice users to perform image acquisition and analysis without training.

Flexibility: Open platform design enables cellular & sub-cellular imaging of cells, colonies and tissues. Supports microplates, slides, Petri dishes, and flasks.

Examples : protein staining intensity, live/death ratio, transfection efficiency ratio, …

DeltaVision Elite

DeltaVision Elite is a fully integrated, flexible, widefield fluorescence microscope optimised for live cell imaging. The DeliaVision Elite's efficient light path and optimised deconvolution algorithm combine to deliver superior image quality while maintaining cell viability.

Fully integrated system for seamless operation.

Automated illumination mode improves contrast for better image quality for a wide variety of sample types.

Unique light path enables low light imaging of sensitive samples like yeast, bacteria and live cells.

Modular platform design allows for future upgrades to expand capabilities.

Examples: high resolution cell imaging, 3D view, time lapse, …

DeltaVision OMX Super Resolution Microscope

The DeltaVision OMX SR is a compact imaging system specifically optimized to provide a stable platform for structured illumination microscopy (SIM) super resolution technology.

See beyond the norm - 3D SIM enables resolution improvements in x, y, and z directions.

Super-resolve live cells - 2D SIM and 2D SIM-TIRF imaging modes allow for dynamic super-resolution live-cell imaging.

Molecular imaging - localization microscopy option uses exclusive 2D multi-emitter fitting algorithms to reconstruct a super-resolved image.

More data from your sample - multiplex data acquisition with simultaneous multi-camera imaging.

Preserve cell viability - ultra-low light imaging combined with advanced deconvolution algorithm.

Capture dynamic processes - rapid image acquisition and stage automation

High Content Holomonitor M4 - Holographic Microscope

Label-free live-cell holographic microscope providing 3D metrics including cell volume, area, thickness and irregularity. The Holomonitor is housed inside an incubator allowing measurements to be taken in real time. Applications include tracking cell motility, analysing cell cycle kinetics and cell death, and calculating cell population statistics.

Quantitation of cell cycle events such as mitosis and cytokinesis, with data comparable to studies using fluorescent DNA stains. Direct observation of cell death, including single-cell tracking. Cellular growth rates and morphological changes, population statistics, e.g. cell volume, thickness, irregularity. Cell motility, including cell tracking and calculation of speed and cell migration velocity.

GE Biacore T200 Surface Plasmon Resonance System

Biacore T200 is a versatile system for high-quality characterization of molecular interactions, e.g. protein:protein, protein:DNA/RNA, protein:small-molecule, antibody:antigen.

Analyse binding interactions between ligand and analyte molecules, calculate affinity and kinetic data (KD, Ka, Kd).

Kinetics/affinity characterization, kinetics/affinity screening, single-cycle kinetics, LMW interaction analysis, fragment screening, epitope mapping*, immunogenicity, concentration analysis, calibration-free concentration analysis. Minimum sample volume 50ul, compatible with 96- and 384-well plates.

Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC)

Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC) is a technique used in quantitative studies of a wide variety of biomolecular interactions. It works by directly measuring the heat that is either released or absorbed during a biomolecular binding event. Measuring heat transfer during binding enables accurate determination of binding constants (KD), reaction stoichiometry (n), enthalpy (∆H) and entropy (ΔS). This provides a complete thermodynamic profile of the molecular interaction. ITC goes beyond binding affinities and can elucidate the mechanisms underlying molecular interactions.

The Nano ITC Low Volume isothermal titration calorimeter is designed to provide maximum sensitivity and flexibility for the study of biomolecular binding, using solid state thermoelectric heating and cooling systems to precisely control temperature, and have the same flexible injection syringe assemblies for efficient and accurate delivery of titrant. The true isothermal power compensation design of the Nano ITC instruments provides the highest sensitivity and flexibility for an ultrasensitive ITC analysing biological samples in-solution.

Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer CD-spec J-1500

Circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy is a form of light absorption spectroscopy that measures the difference in absorbance of right- and left-circularly polarized light (rather than the commonly used absorbance of isotropic light) by a substance. The CD spectra between 260 nm and approximately 180 nm can be used to analyse the secondary structure of proteins, providing information about the protein composition: alpha helix, parallel and antiparallel beta sheet, turn, and other.

TCIQ - Workstations

TCIQ provides a suite of software to analyse the images generated by the InCell Analyzer 2200.

Moreover, the InCell Investigator Software, and workstations also have Cell Profiler and Fiji installed.

TCIQ can also provide on-site assistance and training - Bookings are essential - Contact Us @